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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a time commitment?

Monthly subscriptions are monthly. You can cancel any month. Cancelling means you will not be charged for a future month. Annual subscriptions are prepaid for the year, and do not create a commitment for future years.

Are there partial month/year refunds?

You pay for the allocation of your number for a full month or a full year. There are not partial rebates or refunds. We try to keep this short enough money as to not be a hardship for you, and useful enough that you don't want to!

Can I use this for...

For just about any legal purpose, the answer is yes! Bounded only by your creativity.

How many minutes can I use the numbers?

We measure calls and messages rather than duration, and all messages are limited to 2 minutes. Effectively this means a regular plan has a maximum of 200 minutes per month, but the more useful way to think about it will be the number of voicemails.

What if I go over the maximum?

You will be notified the first month you go over, and be given options for adding an overage meter or a higher-volume subscription to your plan. Generally, we forgive overage in the first month. If you go over in a subsequent month without arranging for overage protection, we will notify you and block calls and texts to your number for the balance of the month.

Cutting to the bottom line: this situation is often asked about but almost never happens. We want to make it easy for the few people who fall in this category, but it probably does not apply to you.

Can I add additional phone numbers?

Yes! You can manage as many numbers as you wish on your account. You can mix local and toll-free numbers to your heart's (or business's) content.

Can I add team members?

Yes! Invitation by email is built in, and at this time you can add as many collaborators as is helpful for you.

Can I transfer a phone number to someone else?

Yes! Invite the other person to your team managing that number. Give them administrator access. Then leave the team - they have the access and you don't!

Can I take the number with me to another carrier or vendor?

Yes! We have a procedure to make leaving ShieldNumber as easy as any other number transfer. Learn more in our guide.

Can I add a phone number in [x country]?

As long as that country is the United States, yes! If you have a particular country in mind, send us a question about it in the form below.

Do I need to provide a credit card to try ShieldNumber?

Yes. This is part of getting a phone number that you can keep for yourself. This helps us ensure sure ShieldNumber is a place for reputable use.