The Safe Number for

ShieldNumber is the phone number that answers calls, receives texts, and sends them all to you in an email.

Why We Made This

As a creator, entrepreneur and a father, I have to give out my number a lot. But I don't talk on the phone that much, and its almost never right to answer it.

My ShieldNumber is the second phone number that I can give to the many organizations and institutions that require it. They might resell the number or publish it, but I will not be interrupted.

I check my end-of-day digest to see who left a message. Not many of the spammers do!

-Ray Deck, Founder

PS: Try calling my number to hear how I use it! +1 (701) 419-8951

Everyone Needs Two Phone Numbers

Your cell number is for your friends and family. Your ShieldNumber is for everyone else.

How It Works

Give your ShieldNumber to Businesses

Give your ShieldNumber to everyone: online forms, recruiters, banks, domain registrars, and strangers. You are now reachable but never interrupted.

They Call Your Number

At some point, they will either call you directly or sell the number to someone else. That's when they call your ShieldNumber - and not your cell.

They Leave a Message

After listening to your custom AI-generated greeting, the representative or salesperson will leave a message, or they can send a text.

You Get a Digest... Later!

On a daily or weekly basis, you will receive a digest of all calls and texts sent to that number in your email.

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Bonus: Get the ShieldNumber Browser Add-On

Firefox and Chrome and Safari browsers get one-click access to your number to make it the easiest way to fill in a form.