How to Eject

Here's how to take your number with you.

We think ShieldNumber is super easy to use and excellent for its use case, but if your needs change, but you want to keep your non-trial number, you usually can! It is a bit of work.

Depending on the country of the number (and possibly the carrier) you may not have the option to transfer the number. But when you do (as you do in the USA) this is the process you follow.

Important Note Do not release/delete your number until your carrier has picked it up. Releasing it means the number gets dropped before the handoff!

Step 1: Contact your new Carrier

Reach out to the carrier you would like to manage your number in the future (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile). They will likely require a Letter of Authorization, or LOA. They should give you a form to fill out.

Step 2: Request an Authorization Worksheet

Press the Request Ejection Worksheet button on your number management screen to request that ShieldNumber gather and send to you key information you will need for filling out the Letter of Authorization. The data varies from number to number and we need to gather it from our service providers, so give us a little time!

Step 3: Return your filled-out Letter of Authorization to the carrier

Send the signed, filled-out Letter back to the carrier following their instructions.

Step 4: Request additional information if required.

Depending on the situation and the carrier, they may require a PIN or other information. Use the contact address in the Ejection Worksheet above to attempt to resolve these questions.

Step 5: Confirm the ejection

Once ShieldNumber receives the port away notification from the carrier, we will email all administrators on the account holding the number to confirm your request.

To protect our customers from unwanted port-aways, if the information that you provide in that confirmation does not match our records, then the ejection request will be rejected.

Step 6: Delete the number from ShieldNumber

Finally, when your number is working on the new carrier, Delete the number from ShieldNumber to terminate billing. This does not trigger a refund of unused days.

Credit:A great deal of information on this process is from the excellent Twilio article, How do I port my phone numbers away from Twilio. (Link removed because the domain is showing as malicious on 3/30/2022)