Moving House?

Everyone wants your number. Give them your ShieldNumber to keep your mobile phone secure.

Who Asks For Your Number?

Real Estate Agents

Agents want your number to schedule showings - and then they want to tell you about new listings. Give them your ShieldNumber and take a message.

Private Sellers

When you are interacting with private sellers, you don't know who might be on the other end - and how they might use your number after seeing their property. Use the shield number to stay accessible throughout the homebuying period.


Inspectors, loan officers, movers - you name it, they probably want your number. Give them your ShieldNumber to take a message. Being reachable is important. Being interrupted is not.

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My Cross-Country Move

I remember moving for the first time. Everyone wanted my number, no matter how many times I said, "email me." I used my ShieldNumberr to get texts and voicemails I then replied to by mail - to see which vendors wanted to work my way!

I still get some spam calls based on that move on my ShieldNumber, so I'm especially glad I didn't give them my cell!

Ray Deck, Founder

(newly) East Burke, VT

ShieldNumber: (802) 392-9087