ShieldNumber Features

Your private, inbound-only phone number that receives calls and texts

Receives Calls

ShieldNumber answers every call without ever ringing your phone. You pick the words and the voice that will say them. After listening to the message, the caller may leave a voicemail.

Both the recording of the call and a transcript are available to you at your convenience.

Automatic Reply
Never Rings

Receives Texts

All ShieldNumbers are text-enabled. This means that if someone sends a SMS message to that number, ShieldNumber will record the message on your behalf.

The caller will not get a reply from this message. The only person notified is you.

Email Summaries

ShieldNumber sends you emails with the contents of the calls and texts received over the previous day or week. If you have no messages, it tells you that too: "you have no messages this week" can be a calming email!

Some people want emails on a weekly basis, some on a daily basis, and some people want emails every day. Pick which frequency you want and never worry about it again!

Simple Message
Get Fewer Emails
In Your Control

Gives You Control

ShieldNumber comes with a fully-featured web interface you can use from your phone, tablet or desktop to review your messages and manage your settings.

You can fine-tune how your ShieldNumber works. A digest for calls ,but notifications for each text as they happen? Can do! Emails to multiple addresses? No problem.

Empowers Your Forms (Optional)

Most people use their ShieldNumbers for forms they have to fill out. The convenient ShieldNumber extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox let you paste in your ShieldNumber with just a right-click. (Or a two-finger press on the Mac.) No more having to go back and forth to remember.