Everyone Should Have Two Numbers

Published by Ray Deck on
The ProblemOur smartphones are part of us. Mine sits on the table next to my laptop, seemingly ready to interrupt me at any moment. (Thankfully, I turned on Do Not Disturb.) When I walk away, it will slip into my pocket. To reach my phone is to reach me anywhere, (almost)... Read More

Deep Work Discovery

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The mission of PhoneToEmail is to attack the tyranny of notifications on our productivity. To that end, I am trying to get conversations with people trying to do focused, high-productivity work to understand what they have done that has worked and not. Basically, what comes after reading Cal Newp... Read More

Co-Starting Up

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This week PhoneToEmail joined the Co starting launch cohort to help move us along.This cohort is a group of five startup businesses that are building and masterminding in public. We will have weekly update calls throu... Read More